Los Haro

Visit the Los Haro Project — Summer Camp in Zacatecas

The Los Haro Support Committee, based in Napa, California, is the organization spearheading this effort. Formed in 2006, its principal program to date has been the highly successful Summer Camp in Los Haro, serving youth between the ages of 8 and 16. Begun in 2007, and expanding each year, about two thirds of Camp participants live in Los Haro, and one third are the children of Los Haro natives now living in the United States.

The concept underlying the Los Haro Project is that migrants can play a constructive role in catalyzing sustainable development in their hometowns. Given that there are few successful efforts to date, the Project recognizes that much experimentation lies ahead. It views its work as an on-going effort, requiring adjustment and refinement as it moves forward. The Project intends to share its insights and experience with others who might be interested. The hope is that lessons learned in Los Haro can serve as guide and inspiration to other migrant communities wishing to promote development in their own home areas.